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DAY 10. Monday 26th June 2006 - Danby Wiske to Osmotherly

"If you are fond of placid rural scenery and have an interest in farming, you might enjoy this section of the walk; but if your preference is for rough hills you will find it tedious"

We left Danby Wiske, the wives and their odd little customs behind and headed out across farmland towards the distant Cleveland  Hills.

The path appeared to head towards  a railway line, but the gate was locked, should we climb the gate? Fortunately Lizzie peered down the track and spotted what looked like steps, was that the way across? It was! Later on we found out that most people had climbed the gate and as a consequence lost the correct path.

A very short and uneventful day today, although we did come across the American group looking slightly puzzled along the way, as, not for the first time  they were slightly lost.  

We met them just as they were investigating a couple of paths - neither of which was the correct one, Wilbur was up to his knees in overgrowth on one path communicating back to base on the walkie talkie whilst some of the others were investigating another path going off to the right eventually they all came back and studied the maps and GPS.

As it was such a short distance today they had been thinking about visiting Mount Grace Priory which was slightly off the route, after showing them a more direct alternative route we set off again towards Ingleby Cross and the short climb up onto the Cleveland Way, as we were having our lunch  John and Sheila, the couple we had first met at our guest house on day 1 passed by.

After dropping back down a forest trail and as we had time on our hands we decided to make a short diversion to the Priory only to be met by the American group, John and Sheila heading back up the hill towards us.

The Priory was closed! Did the National Trust not realise that we had walked 170 miles (270km) from St. Bees to get here? Very frustrating particularly as the National Trust guide book claims that it should be open.

John ( green rucksack) and Sheila ( blue top ) advising some of the American group

Our plans to have timeout sight seeing were shattered so we headed back uphill, gazing over the miles of flat farmland that we had been crossing for the past few days. It also gave us the opportunity to talk to the American group, they had been walking to a slightly more relaxed schedule than ours but due to our rest day, were now briefly covering the route at the same time. We will finally leave them tomorrow as they stop half way while we press on towards the Yorkshire Moors.

We are now back in the hills and have a long 21 mile (32km) day ahead of us tomorrow, it will be interesting to see whether our stamina and fitness levels have increased over the last 10 days!


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