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DAY 12. Wednesday 28th June 2006 - High Blakey Ridge to Grosmont

"Danby High Moor is typical of this wedge of high country: now uninhabited and inhospitable but yielding evidence by excavation of its many barrows or burial mounds of a primitive people who lived here three or four thousand years ago"

Finally we had sunshine and blue skies for company nearly all day, unfortunately it was on one of the shortest!

It was so difficult to leave our guest house, the accommodation and setting were so good, even the dog didn't want us to leave and spoil his game of chewing the ball up as much as he could!

13 and a bit miles today, mostly on roads, so Lizzie is wearing sandals while I carry her boots just in case we come across some rougher tracks. Even when we left the road and headed along the paths they were paved or had an uncomfortable pebbly surface, this was definitely the most tiring day for my feet.

At least the views across the moors were nice, the heather which was just starting to flower covered in busy bees. It didn't take us too long to arrive in Grosmont so we had plenty of time to sit and watch a couple of steam trains heading out along the North York Moors Railway, put our feet up and think about tomorrow, our final day.


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