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Get me away from here!



The last day Problem with the last day is it is just that - the last day! And that thought played on my mind for most of it, luckily we had another week in the Lakes so it wasn't quite the end of our adventure.

After yesterdays cow experience I was careful not to get too close to any today but it appeared they had different ideas. Had news filtered along the (bo)vine? Cows were beginning to take an unnatural interest in me and I felt as though I was being watched and followed through every field. Perhaps it was something to do with the bright orange camera case I strap to my rucksack? Well, we went up hills around hills and finally saw the hills, Windermere and the Lakes in the distance, the cows still following and eventually reached the 'seat' outside Bowness dedicated to all those who 'walked the Dales Way' - AND COWS! the field was full of them heading slowly towards us. Just time for the photo and self congratulation before heading down the street to the edge of Windermere.

Having the seat and therefore the spiritual terminus to the way outside Bowness is a fitting gesture but as it is in the middle of a field on the edge of housing, the full sense of achievement is difficult to achieve. The slightly nervous look on Lizzie's face in the picture of her as she sits on the seat is because just to her left are the cows, getting closer and closer.

Unfortunately the only sense of achievement to be realised in Bowness is the relief of getting out of the place as quickly as possible. The first time I completed the Dales Way the shock of Bowness was more exaggerated than today, then it felt as though this was the first time I had seen other people and roads. I was a friend from school and 4 others who we had met up with along the way, i remember it being difficult to find a cafe that would welcome us in for a cup of tea because they were all doing lunches so we all ended up on the train back towards Manchester brewing tea on a trangia stove and celebrating with a Mars bar. Today the crowds of tourists and really terrible over priced cafes is still a culture shock after 5 days walking.

Liz said 'let's go and find somewhere nice to sit down and have a cup of tea' Ok so that's down to the station and back to Kendal then? . 



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