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Chalet Floria, Flegere, Index and Planpraz

Chalet Floria sits just above the low level Petit Balcon Sud path on the Aiguilles Rouge side of the Chamonix valley and it is a wondeful place to sit, have a drink and gaze across to the Mer Du Glace and Mont Blanc. Easily accessible from Chamonix for a short walk and on the main path up to Flegere, from where it is possible to take the path up to Index or traverse along the Grand Balcon Sud to Planpraz. For a less strenuous walk it is also possible to go to the chalet and then drop back down towards Argentiere using well marked paths.

The excellent footpath system really becomes evident along this side of the valley with many paths heading off in all directions offering a variety of terrain and potential to create your own circular walks or make use of the cable cars to link places together.

From the chalet a path heads up to the Flegere cable car station where you can either take the cable car back down, walk in either direction along the Grand Balcon du Sud, visit Les Cheserys or continue climbing up to the Index chairlift.

The route up to Index is mainly along ski runs and is in some respects quite barren however due to this it is also very quiet and remote, the track passes close by impressive columns of rocks which are home for the beaver like Marmot.

From Index you can take one of the many paths across to Lac Blanc or the Lacs Cornu. Or just take the chairlift back down to Flegere.

Flegere to Planpraz

This is probably one of the best traverse routes, having made it up to Flegere either by walking or using the cable the Grand Balcon Sud leads away towards the Planpraz cable car.

The fantastic views and scenery make this quite a popular walk for people of all age, the tricky step section shortly after Flegere can cause problems for some. Granny had to be roped up and hauled up this section.



You can do the walk in either direction but the best way is to finish at Planpraz where there is the bonus of being able to rest your legs and sit on the meadow watching paragliders hurl themselves over the edge.










Or sit at the cable car restaurant sipping a nice chilled Kir taking in the view.



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